"It's because I's quack, right?"
“It’s because I’s a quack, right?”

Operation Quackdown: The campaign against dishonest malicious quack Error “Errol” Denton.

Denton is the subject of numerous upheld complaints of false advertising. According to him, this is evidence of racism by those he believes reported him. When challenged to substantiate his allegations of racism, he has failed to do so. Anywhere.

This smear campaign has included writing to employers alleging that employees are pursuing a racist campaign using company time and resources, and making complaints of racism to the police.

The smear campaign is active and ongoing. If you are interested in addressing this obnoxious behaviour, please subscribe to this page and watch for new accounts as the old ones get terminated. Please also forward any details of additional abusive pages.

His “petition” has now passed 1,000 signatures, expect a  flurry of promotion. And make it work for the reality-based community through comments, complaints and quackdowns.

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  1. The freewebs site appears to be down now, although I’m not sure if that’s just because more money needs to be put in the meter… there’s a new one at http://www.erroldenton.org but nothing on the blog part of it as yet http://www.erroldenton.org/blog

    Thanks for all your help in documenting this!

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