1. Bruno
    “Science has a complete, coherent, internally and externally consistent explanation for all the observed facts, homeopaths don’t like it but they have nothing to stand in its place other than statements of doctrine.”

    No bias there Guy????

    Guy you are such a deep thinker that the well has no bottom!!!
    We need more confidant know all people like yourself to discover the secrets of Nature.

    By the way was it your favourite scientists that discovered how Medical Cannabis helps people with Epilepsy???


    • No bias, other than towards empirically verified fact. Science does indeed have a complete and coherent explanation for all observations in respect of homeopathy, and it is both internally and externally consistent (i.e. it is not self-contradictory and it does not conflict with other well-established facts). It is very clear that homeopaths dislike this explanation, but equally clear that they have nothing to offer in its place other than statements of faith.

      The relevance of effects of cannabinoids on epilepsy is unclear. Cannabis is a psychoactive drug, it is hardly a surprise that it contains compounds which have effects on neurological disorders. Only in the bizarre world of alternatives to medicine does any finding consistent with any claim made by any quack ever, validate all statements made by all quacks.


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