1. Bruno
    Guy have you ever thought you may be a Lemming or a “Laggard”??

    Your postings which I happily read IMO points just that!!!!


    • Let me get this straight. A quack argues (and very poorly at that) concepts that were refuted over a century ago, and I am a “laggard” because I fail to credulously accept them.

      Nope. Not hardly.

  2. A1candidate
    “Opium is a poor painkiller because it’s not particularly strong and it’s addictive.”

    Wrong. Opiates are generally considered to be strong analgesics. The reason their effects wear off after some time is due to tolerance, not addiction.


    • Your comprehension skills appear to be lacking. Opium contains a number of opiates of varying strengths, but as the table shows, many individual opiates are much stronger than the strongest of these and morphine alone is stronger than opium. So my statement in respect of opium is exactly correct.


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