1. Re: TWITTER

    Hi – just wanted to add a note on this update to the Twitter block. Twitter often shows you a “you’ve been blocked” page if you use an official Twitter platform (desktop or smartphone app) to view the page of someone who’s blocked you. However it seems that most other things such as desktop Tweetdeck or smartphone (Echofon, Janetter, Osfoora – tested on iPhone) will still show both the profile and tweets of anyone that’s blocked you (ie you wouldn’t even notice you’d been blocked).

    Undoubtedly future updates of these apps may well change that, though not everyone has automatic updates switched on (I don’t), so it won’t change for everyone.

    All public accounts (ie not locked / private) are searchable by using the from:theirname search string, even if blocked, even if logged in. The Twitter block is merely a ‘continue to site’ hurdle, similar to that used by Forbes. It’s not much of a barrier.


    Re: RRF

    I am not sure what to make of the “RRF” – I feel a mixture of guilt, bafflement and amusement when trying to engage with them. I feel uncomfortable letting their inaccurate nonsense remain unchallenged but I’m also never entirely convinced that engaging with them is helpful – beyond highlighting the same rebuttals to new viewers. I’m honestly not sure if there’s something else going on there as, from what I can tell, they post about nothing other than homeopathy. Not figurately, literally. It’s obsessive and often mean-spirited.

    Every now and then I wonder what would happen if we collectively ignored them or didn’t post on the hashtag. What sort of things would they post then. Since all interactions made with a tweet (favourites, retweets, replies) are public and tethered to the tweet it’s clear to see they’re operating within a small sphere so possibly their damaging nonsense isn’t actually all that damaging even if it seems like it. Perhaps we’re all just talking to each other 😉

    Anyway, at least homeopathy is having an increasingly tough time of it in the real world. However it’s still worrying how many people apparently think it just means ‘home remedy’ and don’t understand that it’s actually mostly to do with the sale of pills.


  2. I’ve come to the conclusion that most people other than these three that post on #homeopathy are either spambots, actual homeopaths (which those three are not), and overwhelmingly people who likely pronounce the word HOMEopathy and think it means natural or home remedy.

    I had a prolonged conversation last night with one such tweeter who steadfastly maintained she used homeopathy and that it was a lifestyle (turns out she thinks it means an organic, non-GMO diet), not a thing, and would NEVER take these pills that we kept mentioning. It’s this single minded insistence on being wrong that makes people who use homeopathy invulnerable to reasoned dialog. She refused to budge even after being sent the Merriam-Webster links showing she was wrong.

    As for the Cerberus of Stupid (CoS, not to be confused with Church of Scientology), they alternately claim that blocking skeptics keeps them from showing up in their email (presumably having been unable to figure out how to turn off @ mentions email notifications), or it “silences” skeptics (despite the fact that they regularly peruse and comments on my non-#homeopathy timeline).

    In short, they are fine representatives for homeopathy and a constant source of amusement, but it is sad to see that such people exist on this planet, people who are constantly in a particularly ugly and spiteful manner. What horrific lives they lead, where it appears all of their electronic communication involve being nasty to people in defense of a roundly debunked form of scamming sick (and not so sick) persons.


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