1. MedTek

    I’m insulted that I wasn’t listed.


  2. “Sandra Hermann-CourtneyJuly 13, 2013 at 10:28 AM
    Since, by design, I can control what is posted on my blog, I plan to continue
    to delete the offensive personal comments directed toward me by the
    members and followers of The Nightingale Collaboration.”

    Such as shame for her that several of us took screenshots of what she terms “offensive personal comments”. Once again, she have been caught out lying through her teeth.

  3. Tetenterre

    Has she passed the Turing Test?

  4. David Doran

    Don’t suppose it will ever appear on her comments list but I just left this:

    “Hi, I’m not really into activism as such, but would love to be added to your enemies of homeopathy list. Thanks in advance. Regards, David Doran, @DavidADoran.”



  5. Sandra isn’t happy at all with this “trash”. http://fighting-for-homeopathy.blogspot.fr/p/personal-attacks-against-me.html

    Aw diddums. She’s old enough to know that if you lie and smear others, they have no reason to be tender in return.

  6. Stopthequacks

    Oh dear, simultaneously claiming she is being cyber bullied and facing personal attacks, and then this: I hate to break it to you all but, well you aren’t pretty.

    See the comment by Christine.

    Juvenile doesn’t do her justice. Hypocrite doesn’t do her justice. Brought forth from the shallow end of the gene pool I suspect.

  7. rosross

    Actually it is far from the first ever recorded instance of a cure through Homoepathic Treatment for they have been around for a couple of centuries and are added to constantly, but never let facts get in the way of propaganda.
    The reality is that however committed Sandra may be, Homeopathy needs no-one to fight for it as a medical methodology and it is under no threat. Homeopathy is the world’s fastest growing medical methodology and has gone steadily from strength to strength since it was founded, despite intermittent and occasional attempts from some to demonise it for their own particular, and peculiar reasons.
    Everyone has a right to decide for themselves what they choose to utilise in their health treatments and Homeopathy stands alone in being able to claim it does no harm; something which Allopathic Medicine could never claim, and even TCM and Herbal Medicine cannot fully claim given the nature of the remedies used.


    • I meant, of course, an authenticated case of an objectively verifiable cure. I know perfectly well that homeopaths have been deluding themselves into believing in “cures” for 200 years, but that’s a long way from any objectively established fact.


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