I had rather thought that in these sophisticated and enlightened days proper SEO based on good content would have replaced old school “SEO”, whch basically boiled down to spamming and Google bombing.

Apparently not.

A Google search for “Errol Denton” finds many stale wikis, odd news aggregators and other such sites which in the last few days and weeks have suddenly acquired new user profiles and articles linking to Britain’s favourite Harley Street “[W:live blood microscopy]” specialist. And the evidence suggests this is being done by Scott D. Smith, an SEO of the old spamming-is-good school, who has links with Errol Denton, including trying to neutralise his article on RationalWiki.

Denton is, of course, a quack. His company Fitalifestyle is blacklisted by the ASA due to his repeated failure to amend false claims after complaints were upheld. He has responded to this by going completely off the deep end with allegations of racism against skeptic bloggers Jo Brodie and Josephine Jones.


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