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  1. Lisa J

    MMS has killed people. However, the people have usually been adults and it’s described as whatever they officially died from (i.e., extreme dehydration from the vomiting and diarrhea it caused, etc.). Alternative medicine lovers have been assured repeatedly that “herxheimer reactions” are a “good sign” because it means that toxins, viruses, etc., are “dying off,” so many don’t do the rational thing when they start getting so sick (and quit using it). Instead, they keep “doing the protocol,” making themselves sicker and sicker.

    It is what prompted the FDA warning about it – how dangerous it is – but many alternative med users suffer from “true believerism” – any warnings from government are only meant to keep them from the truth – the government would never warn them about something because it is hazardous to their health (like cigarettes?). 😐


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