It’s trite to say it, but with the passing of Steve Jobs the world has lost a great man. His genius was knowing what we wanted before we did, and this is not something you can learn.

I first bcame an Apple fan back in the mid 90s when I had a first generation PowerMac that had a pivoting display and a desktop that spread between multiple monitors; that was MacOS 7. Windows 7 finally does that nearly as well as the Mac, and over 15 years later.

Creative people like Douglas Adams and Stephen Fry loved the Mac for its intuitive interface and strict adherence to UI standards. Learn one Mac app and you’re a long way to learning them all.

As a sysadmin I used to maintain a network of Macs on 8.5 days a month, most of which was spent in developing a competitive information system in FileMaker. We switched to NT (my first working NT install was in Connectix VirtualPC) and within three months I was full time with an assistant.

Apple tech Just Works. It always did. That’s what Steve Jobs did for us: he provided the proof that tech does not have to be nerdy, does not need us to learn the arcana – tech is the servant, we are the masters, and any product that forgets this is, well, basically, less cool than the equivalent  Apple product.


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